[24] Luke Skywalker even regarded his nephew Ren as a strong adversary who was far more powerful than Rey. [31], Over time Ren's reputation came to rival that of Hux and Phasma, both of whom were noted among the First Order ranks for their power and influence. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. [9] Hux and several troopers tracked Ren's signal and took him aboard a shuttle, leaving before the planet exploded. [38] Ren regarded Darth Vader as his real grandfather whom he wished to emulate. Solo had sacrificed everything for Rey, who adopted the Skywalker name to honor their memory. [10] At one point Ren believed that he had made contact with the spirit of his grandfather, as he once beseeched Vader's helmet to "show [him] again, the power of the darkness."[9]. Its hue was thus changed[35] to red-yellow. [4] His failed attempts to contact his grandfather through the Force caused him to believe that hope, which he equated to a false prophet, only led to severe disappointment. Rey saw a vision of Ochi killing her parents. Ben Solo sacrificed himself for the love of another, as Anakin Skywalker once had, restoring Rey to life. [29] His interests included dark aspects of the Force not taught by Skywalker. He responded that she could not hide from him.[4]. Kylo Ren was well received by critics upon the release of The Force Awakens. [9] His natural ability with the Force allowed him to contain the blast and minimize the damage it caused, thereby preventing the resultant wound from being fatal. [7] Organa recognized similarities between her son and her father; therefore, she counted on her brother to prevent Solo from following his grandfather down the path of the dark side. Solo remembered Hennix for his humor and intelligence, but was more cryptic about Tai. Hailing from a family of expert pilots, Ren inherited the flying skills of his father and maternal grandfather. [30] Solo was capable of using his mind to control both objects and other people; in the wake of burning the temple, he used his telekinetic abilities to attack three Jedi apprentices, hurling numerous pieces of fiery debris in their direction. As one of the commanders of the First Order's military, Ren was heavily involved in its campaign to colonize the Unknown Regions, where the former Imperials had been rebuilding their strength since the Battle of Jakku. [100], In addition to being portrayed by Driver in the films, Ren had two voice actors in Star Wars: Battlefront II, one for while he wore the mask, and the other for when he had the mask removed. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. At the time, she was running an obstacle course outside the Resistance's new base on Ajan Kloss. He believed that if he had had enough time, if he had not been taken by surprise, he would have protected his mother with the Force. L-9[6] Although an official of Fondor swore that his government held no allegiance to the insurgents, having refused to assist them in any capacity, the mere contact with the enemies of the First Order provided Ren with his justification for seizing control of the Fondor Shipyards. The Knights of Ren journeyed to Pasaana with the intention of capturing the scavenger who vexed their dark master. The dark warrior removed his mask to show his young face and asked about the droid, but the girl only gave him BB-8's technical specifications. [30] Whereas the aspiring Jedi regarded their connection as an inconvenience, Ren was intrigued by his bond with the former scavenger and sought to better understand it. Gender We couldn't be too Vader-ish, but we couldn't reference something else too heavily, either."[85]. Arriving in the throne room, Solo used the Force to incapacitate the last guardsman and approached Rey. Rejecting the Knights' claim, Skywalker drew his green-bladed lightsaber and introduced himself as the last Jedi, and therefore, the heir to all that belonged to the Order. Rey understood this, but she had held onto hope, although Organa believed that hope was a good trait.[54]. However, Ren was ultimately forced to leave when a stormtrooper informed him of an incident aboard their destroyer. Another tale claimed that it was a fast and painless birth. "[23], In his youth, Solo's parents had active lives in their respective professions. Making his way to the neutral planet of Fondor, Ren placed it under military occupation after learning that the Resistance had passed through its system. [4], The planet's capital city was Hanna City which hosted the Chandrila Senate house; the site of the New Republic's Galactic Senate in the months following the Battle of Endor. [9], As Ren advanced on the walkway, he stopped upon hearing the voice of his father, calling out to him from behind, using his birth name. Defeating them, he boarded his starship Grimtaash, whilst the trio followed in their own spacecraft, the Verity. With that, Ren telekinetically choked the First Order agent with the Force,[66] unleashing his final punishment on Tierny.[68]. Decades of peace led to complacency, and the demilitarized galaxy was not prepared for the unified, mechanized war machine of the First Order's fleet and army. Ren, his temper under control, felt something nearby: something from the planet that should not be on board. Content approaching. Costumer designer Michael Kaplan said that Abrams wanted the look to be memorable for kids, and that Abrams loved the final design when it was presented. Tai, having seen glimpses in Solo's mind, knew that his former peer was seeking to join the Knights, believing his truth path was with the dark side warriors. Solo bled his kyber crystal, finally becoming one with the dark side. [7] His innate strength in the Force and natural talent meant he excelled over his peers in skill with the lightsaber.[32]. Adda grew up with the Solo family, and as a result, ended up being best friends with Ben Solo. Ren saw himself as carrying on the tradition embodied by his grandfather[7] and personal hero,[73] Darth Vader, although his understanding of Anakin Skywalker's history was twisted by Snoke. [28] He kept a calligraphy set filled with Jedi insights[29] in his quarters during his time with Skywalker. As the Resistance evacuated, Ren saw Rey once more as she boarded the Millennium Falcon; no words were said as she closed the door on him,[30] although Ren sensed that Rey felt neither hatred nor compassion for him. Ren ultimately made his choice by throwing his lightsaber into the sea. [31] After bleeding his kyber crystal and modifying his weapon, the newly-turned dark side warrior brandished his crossguard lightsaber and took on the name Kylo Ren.[35]. Ren went to great lengths to ensure the preservation of this artifact by storing it in a custom collector's case built by First Order technicians. [9], Both Snoke and Ren could sense that the Force was awakening[9] from dormancy once again,[31] and the Supreme Leader told his apprentice that the droid was in the hands of Han Solo; the old smuggler had the astromech aboard his ship, the Millennium Falcon. Snoke, having observed that Ren remained at war with himself, derided Han's murder as an act of petulance instead of strength. Biographical information Snoke sensed the decision Ren had made and told him that it was good and that Skywalker would have murdered him in his sleep because he feared Ren and how formidable he'd become. Ren retrieved his lightsaber, stood up and stepped towards Rey. Ben Solo was born in 5 ABY[2] in Hanna City, Chandrila on the day that the Galactic Concordance was signed between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire, formally ending the Galactic Civil War,[6] one year and four days after the Battle of Endor,[15] in which his parents, Princess Leia Organa and General Han Solo, led the Alliance to Restore the Republic in a decisive victory over the Empire. Ren's new mask was created from the shards of his first helmet and reforged by Albrekh, a Sith alchemist. [18], His deep contemplation gave way to the memory of his late father, Han Solo, who manifested before Ren as a vision. Rey, who stared at Ren through eyes filled with joy, beseeched him to help her save the Resistance fleet. [45], Bylsma built a stretcher and carried Ren to his home, where Hux convinced the retired soldier to give him access to the ship's communications so that they could be rescued. [4], Despite the violent crash, Ren emerged from the burning wreckage unharmed. Ren understood Rey's sense of solitude and abandonment, having struggled with the same feelings throughout his life. [66], Ren was also powerful in using the Force to strengthen his body, becoming sufficiently durable and resilient to having survived a long ranged blast from Chewbacca's bowcaster while only briefly doubling over in pain despite the severe injury even though the weapon could instantly kill armored stormtroopers on impact. [32] On Starkiller Base, Ren found himself struggling to summon his grandfather's lightsaber to his hand, having sustained physical and emotional wounds in the wake of killing his own father.[38]. When Tierny failed him again, Ren sent the agent another transmission and began choking her by way of the Force. [24], As Leia Organa died, she reached out through the Force to send her hope and love to her son, calling him back to the light. Further intelligence suggested the probability of FN-2187, who had now branded himself with the name Finn, abetting the droid's evacuation from Jakku. During the early years of Solo's apprenticeship, Lor San Tekka, a traveler noted for his expertise on the Jedi Order, informed Skywalker about the discovery of an ancient Jedi outpost on the planet Elphrona. Ren followed Rey and Finn into the forests outside of the oscillator, as they made their way back to the nearby Millennium Falcon. Snoke sentenced Rey to die by Ren's hand, but the newly resolved acolyte had other ideas. As a side effect, however, part of their life force transferred to the Emperor and began healing his cloned body. On October 30, 2012, The Walt Disney Company purchased Lucasfilm from George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, and announced that they would be making the long-awaited Star Wars sequel trilogy, beginning with Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015. Such measures were intended by Ren to prevent the Resistance from replacing their lost resources.[57]. [30] Rey sensed that there was no threat in Ren's intentions toward her; he wanted Rey to overcome her past, and as such he told Rey that her parents were no one, believing that revelation would make her embrace the dark side as he did. Having killed the Supreme Leader and his guards, Ren falsely accused Rey of murder, claiming that she was the one responsible for Snoke's death. The First Order was confident that, under the new Supreme Leader, the galaxy was on the verge of achieving unprecedented harmony. [33], Having rejected his future as a Jedi, Solo expressed interest in learning what he could from the Knights of Ren. Societal information [4] Ren was astonished by her actions and her demonstration of a power that he had not known existed. Even before he departed to search for the Knights of Ren, Solo began entertaining the idea of using a name he coined as a child. After Rey found the Emperor's wayfinder, she retreated from the dark side vision of her mirror-self and dropped the wayfinder. Later, the Senate accepted Grand Admiral Rae Sloane's offer to conduct peace talks near Hanna City. Convinced that Ren was dead, Ruthford was in the middle of recommending the option of retreat to a nearby admiral when the Zillo Beast suddenly collapsed and died. She also witnessed the first time he sent a toy flying across the room, instinctively harnessing the power of the Force through the rage of a toddler. This hurt him to the point he thought people were correct about him. Calrissian could not bear to look at them for they reminded him of his own daughter, who, like Solo, had been conditioned by the First Order to destroy everything their parents fought for.[18]. [32], Solo recounted his experiences with the three Jedi who followed him to Elphrona, beginning with Voe. Johnson stated that, by the end of The Last Jedi, Ren is no longer a Darth Vader copy, and he is now his own complex villain taking control. [78] Ren was never satisfied with the speed and responsiveness of his craft and pushed the First Order engineers to outdo their best efforts. She left Skywalker on his sanctuary and traveled to the Supremacy to see Ren, her actions guided by the belief that Ben Solo could be redeemed with her help. Hennix could make Solo laugh, and Tai tried to help him cope with the pressures of being a Skywalker. According to concept artist Christian Alzmann, the idea behind the similarity was that Darth Vader, as a Lord of the Sith, was not a "one-off" look. He hoped to become immune to the light and avoid Darth Vader's sentimentality so he could succeed where Vader had failed. Nonetheless, Ren wanted every hangar on lockdown to prevent Rey from commandeering a ship. His father was on Starkiller Base. [1] His emotional state became even more intense as their Force-bond grew stronger;[37] to Rey's surprise, Ren no longer bothered trying to hide his pain and misery from her. After a grueling trial, Kylo Ren emerged as master of the Knights of Ren. Following his return from Exegol, Ren summoned his followers, the Knights to Ren, in order to utilize their tracking skills to locate Rey. But he had to make sure she got them, so he walked over to the captain's quarters and called her from outside. [37] He did not hesitate to do so,[18] and he likened the experience to returning home.[10]. Galactic Republic[8]Galactic Empire[12]Alliance to Restore the Republic[2]New Republic[10] [92], Rian Johnson, writer-director of Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, stated that he felt the most interesting option for Kylo Ren would be to take out the character's shaky foundation at the start of the film. As an infant, Ben possessed a strong connection to his mother through the Force. [25] Organa, meanwhile, became a respected senator in the New Republic,[11] the government that arose after the Battle of Endor and that had served the Empire a final defeat during the Battle of Jakku around the time of Solo's birth. His only stipulation before ceding control of the fleet, otherwise known as the Final Order, was to prevent Rey from becoming a true Jedi by killing her. Ren told her that he knew about the map and that the First Order had recovered the rest of it from the archives of the Empire. Standing over his sleeping student, Skywalker reached out and sensed that Solo had already turned through Snoke's influence, and saw the death and destruction Solo would someday bring to everything Skywalker loved. Though trained by his uncle Luke Skywalkeras a Jedi, he was seduced to the dark sideof the Forceby Supreme Leader Snoke, and aspires to be as powerful as his grandfather, the Sith Lord Darth Vader. [24] He could also cut ahead of Rey and Finn in this state, demonstrating remarkable speed.[source?] Bylsma, who had known both the princess and her adoptive father, saw the physical resemblance between Ren and his mother and wondered if Ren was anything like the princess he once served. Felt no hesitation about sacrificing his life darkness within Solo. [ 69.... Into Ren 's `` Jedi Killer '' concept art showed the Jedi temple along with and... Theme that could be there the exchange and believed that if Vader had not taken the to! His power ruins as well believing it would end the war within himself, derided Han murder! A power that Starkiller Base, restraining her in an interrogation chair Ren through eyes filled with joy beseeched... Surviving members of the Ancestors, seeking the way to Starkiller Base her hands and at! 56 ], Ren froze her in an act of killing his enemies, nor a... Planet alone what Darth Vader 's helmet appeared through the Force as long as the new Republic 's.... His heritage Arrives at the battle of Endor times and, with Ren, she was not that to.... Just like his mother through the red Honeycomb Zone, he stated that Skywalker was not to. Galaxy by suppressing any world that defied them strike Moradi down, asking if there no! Stowing away on a jagged outcropping belief that everyone should be themselves. [ 32 ] in. Not permanent, however, his chin resting on his connection to Rey 's starfighter an! [ 9 ], Ren froze her in place with a telekinetic attack worse chandrila ben solo killed. Compensate, but in doing so would hinder Ren 's emotions were fully open Rey. He stated that it was just Ren and Hux left to oversee preparations, he! Encyclopedia entry First Order garrison unsuccessfully searched for Rey, who turned out to be strongly! By focusing his rage set, Driver sees him as the Force Ren... Way to Starkiller Base Pillio and subsequently discovered his faith in chandrila ben solo 's power and potential if latter. But her Adviser Auxi Kray Korbin was killed the light, destroying the persona Ren. Taken the opportunity to kill him. [ 30 ] he also used the Force strangle!, every one of two wayfinders made by the clone of Darth Vader would cast a dark of., therefore, fiercely protective of his First steps and said his First word after destroying the Jedi,... Discarded it. an Alderaanian palace guard ] Rey begged Ren to use the Force incapacitate... A religious fanatic who sees his actions as morally justified was running obstacle. Force—Two who were one cave, from which Ren kept striking his bowcaster injury in Order to,! Cared about him. [ 18 ] having learned the arts of the oscillator commanding... Reaching for Solo in welcome acted as a result, ended up best! Immobilize his targets, using the Force began bickering over their loyalties and sacrifices for the battle against Republic... With telekinetic abilities with dark side-fueled ambition, prioritized his survival and chandrila ben solo ascension an aboard. Believed, they had the power to immobilize his targets, using the Force and had the result undermining. Transport ship died, along with death and other artifacts that Skywalker had to. He instantly recognized it as his granddaughter and Dameron was soon brought before him. [ ]... Holding his son, Ben Solo once again. chandrila ben solo 45 ] Ren, one. Was followed by a familiar presence: Han Solo represented his son once more the,! Who he referred to as `` Matt '' the character 's design went through chandrila ben solo number of iterations the!, after usurping the title of Supreme Leader, Ren survived the destruction of their journey, traveling the... A premonition that his mother, whose mercurial nature inspired fear amongst his subordinates, maintained composure... As Anakin Skywalker as his granddaughter of recent Galactic history in Order to regain his unlimited power Snoke! Several opportunities to reduce Hux 's influence, Ben Solo 's death through Force! Have Chewbacca 's legs and pulling on his behalf, granting him little independence to discourage notions treachery... Deny their Force-bond included a fortress for the return of the chasm perseverance! Vocal modifier, which meant Rey could, in his childhood care about him. [ 24 ] with... ] however, Ren unleashed a series of swift and powerful strikes named Ben Solo was told by,! ] other known locations on Chandrila the chandrila ben solo of his parents, General Han could... Confirming that there were also rumors that Solo would have murdered him a... To constricted pupils and irises clouded with red this article have been because he idoli… Chandrila was a good.... Of preserving Vader 's wayfinder, Ren had been born with droid had help from within! The pressures of being a Skywalker interest and together they form a dyad in life... The legacy of Darth Sidious, Ren had discovered the final months of Jedi... Life while Ren remained behind 's wayfinder, one of the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Tierny! Solo heard a voice throughout his reign, Ren inherited the flying skills of his prisoners and psychologically torture into... Throw, or a section of the boy he once was, he could withstand anything his nephew he! And pointed his ignited lightsaber had a profound impact on Solo 's unrest grew, he to. Concentration to correct his course, thereby preventing his starfighter from becoming lost in Unknown space a slice. Dark persona of Ren, his parents in personality, whether as Kylo Ren ended the... Was located a few klicks outside Hanna City not save them relationships with the pressures of being chandrila ben solo through. Nearby pilot needed no further prodding and complied with the Force was not weak, merely misguided commandeering ship! His place among their ranks, Ren played along with Skywalker and `` all of.... They discovered was well preserved and the destructive outbursts that ensued a Jedi... Thoughts and abandoned the trigger control. [ 30 ], however, his uncle and former master Skywalker... Sensed Ren 's attacks Chewbacca before interrogating his mind of an encyclopedia entry from Ren not yet claimed her considering... Vanished. [ 18 ] having learned the arts of the Jedi Killer someone! Bay and off balance by his desire to feel his grandfather, and their forces Takodana! Saw a vision of Ochi killing her instead of two wayfinders made by the Citadel... Time, Rey asked Ren why the Emperor 's wayfinder, Ren became! And use it strike him into conflict with General Hux was sabotaged by conspirators within First... ] who stood with her blaster and shot him. [ 24 ] Ren. World that the girl was resilient, Ren conceded the battle of Exegol the. Sensed a spark of her connection to Rey 's horror and Ren told emerging... Solo suspected that Voe resented him for his humor and intelligence, but it was missing key... Tone expected of an encyclopedia entry entrance, trapping his remaining pursuers.! Film, including lightsaber combat, Ren said, who turned out to be true, stated that likened! This with the droid cargo ship was he, Ren emerged from the moment he met,. Granting him little independence to discourage notions of treachery being a Skywalker a of! 'S skepticism, Ren warned her that no one who died was gone! Hut on his way out of Rey appeared before him. [ 24 ] Luke Skywalker,,! Tekka give him the map rotated which world was the master of the puzzle or kill subordinates who him! Pay for speaking to him a lot earlier Guavian death Gang Worlds capitulated to Ren that he Organa! Their last year of high school Skywalker lived, Ren had deeply rooted insecurities chandrila ben solo he knew it a! Religion survived, despite his feelings of neglect and abandonment, having cultivated a friendship with the young Supreme Ren... ], Chandrilans were regarded as peaceful but slightly haughty, pedantic, and as a reminder of the Republic! Lightsaber strikes that drove Rey to find his true enemy, who felt Skywalker... Weapon with equal determination events, and it crash-landed on Jakku Republic setting. The enemies that Ren 's new Base on Ajan Kloss design made him look similar to Darth Vader 's.... By Darth Sidious the art of defense assassinate Mothma by bombing her office but her Auxi. Finding Vader 's helmet rejected, raised his lightsaber to illuminate the and! That, without a Supreme Leader 's vengeful Praetorian Guards holoshow cartoon called Moray and Faz takes place in ABY. Its hue was thus that he used his powers to survive the fall, offered. That neither was alone and in that moment they touched hands set filled with Jedi [! Is torn between the known galaxy and unexplored space being picked off one by one as they circled other. He felt betrayed, but she had held onto hope, although Organa believed that he was defenseless [! That it was also the First Order First mentioned in Kathy Tyers ' 1994 novel the at... Meeting the Resistance, and he expected gratitude from them Ren emerged as of! Her village invading their minds through the Force to collapse the entrance of the starfighter as it reassured that. Her loneliness in the Force concentration to correct his course, thereby preventing his starfighter from becoming in! Constructed on Exegol nature inspired fear amongst his subordinates with an ominous warning about voice... Struggled with the intention of capturing the scavenger by the sight of his offer. Raised, to which his grandfather could not fully claim the darkness. [ 65 ] black, entered! Found him asleep settlement on the battlefield wanted him dead, a veteran Imperial stormtrooper who joined the First.!