Do Manhattan now while you can - then you can say you did it and look for areas that are cheaper for next year. Please click here to register for free. [quote]My boyfriend accepted a job at The Natural History Museum. Where can you get them (other then having them delivered) and what is so special about them? If you have items of major value, it’s also going to be way more risky. For many it is a one seat right or maybe a transfer, but far from like living way out in Queens where only #7 train goes. Anyone can survive in NYC. Just mark Queens off. $3000/mo = definitely look in Manhattan, not Brooklyn (too expensive and too far away) and certainly not Queens (the neighborhoods close to Manhattan are garbage and the commute to the UWS would be hell as others have said). Two fare zones stink, such a waste of time. Also on the list was to live in New Orleans—and after eight years of bustling city life in NYC, we drove a U-Haul filled with 800-square-feet worth of furniture along with … Bordered by Riverside Park overlooking the Hudson and Central Park. [quote]Why not Jersey City or Bayonne? loans The dog run is right there, Central Park is wonderful. You can afford it. I know what I'm talking about and the news reports don't lie. Are you that FUCKING STUPID OP? Lol Astoria is ghastly? Move From Dallas, TX: Move To Fort Worth, TX: Cost Of Living Comparision-0.6%. R6 What’s Washington Heights like? And, New York collects $7,400. Unless you can afford a garage (which could cost the same as a studio apartment in most cities) or you live on the far east or north, having a car on the UES is prohibitive. However, the apartments I've looked at there tend to be small, cramped, and weirdly laid out. I work from home. Life isn't just work. That's a bad block. It is expensive as FUCK right now, and there is no need to live here and then put up with the commute to the UWS. Inwood is kinda a shithole, but most importantly is is FAR. You'll be fine there and probably the easiest option for the Museum. Few things are worse than moving in NYC, whether it’s during peak summer heat or in the dead of winter. Published. Lately there have been more modern apartments built there but most of the stock is older. R153 Is deeply confused, AMNH is on the west side adjacent to Central Park. Huge, glaring red flag. So gorgeous, right near the ACE train, not too expensive, and incredible food and people. People can get sick of rundown apartments and want something nice. Queens is the middle of nowhere. Hoboken and Weehawken were mob towns. It depends on what your Adversity Quotient (AQ) is. What's your budget? American Express. R119, you’re a pussy. If you are comfortable taking the subway during hte pandemic, live along the 1/2/3 (broadway line) or the B/C which go up CPW at stop at MoNH at 81st, except the B and C are really two different lines (blue and Orange) which are very confusing especially for new comers. Organizers did their annual test before the big event on New Year's Eve when one ton of confetti will be released as we welcome 2021. Worry about your own cities or towns or wherever you live. And it was all perfectly legal, because it was still under the Market Rent cap. It's not that big a fucking deal to *real* New Yorkers. If you are going to do it, do it right, especially when there is a chance for a mega discount. You guys are making a very strong argument for the uWS. Always remember, just because you move to a neighborhood when you first get here doesn’t mean you’ll live there forever. Comparing Germany’s biggest city, Berlin, with the US’s – New York City – on Numbeo shows that eating out and buying beer is half as expensive in Berlin. OP, the subway is dangerous (and time-consuming). You'd want to kill yourself if you had to commute to Astoria/Brooklyn from UWS. Astoria and Parkslope, Brooklyn and Greenpoint can be two fare zones depending on where you live. R30 is the nightlife still happening there during the pandemic? People really like the suburban vibe in these pandemic times. In today’s money that’s $294,000. They all live in Astoria and work in Manhattan. Your husband can take a cross town bus, bike, or walk through the park. Moving to the Midwest is like joining a club that wants you as a member. R216 Thank you I'm glad you feel that way. Recommended Reading . There are lots of sub-neighborhoods within the UWS and it will get cheaper as you go further north into Morningside Heights (Columbia area) and into Harlem. Lots of great restaurants in HK (in precovid times at least) and it’s close to Broadway shows, opera and ballet, gay bars —if you’re into all those. R210 The idiot from Weehawken does understand per capita but this loon doesn't understand why you are so triggered and in De Blasio Denial mode? I hope you’ll do the same–but I understand and appreciate that you probably won’t. Good rule of thumb- try to avoid crosstown commute, but UES is easy from the Museum. Before just for the privilege of living in Manhattan they paid $$$$ to live in a "renovated" apartment but none the less in an otherwise shitty tenement building. I remember taking a quick Red-and-Tan bus into the city decades ago with relatives. Brooklyn already happened a lot time ago. Thank god! Carpe Diem. OP, for 3k - and less now - you can get something really good on the UWS. Unprovoked subway attacks are almost a daily occurrence. And the commute is shorter than for those who live in the Bronx, parts of Queens and Brooklyn and those who live in Inwood or above 136th Street. I moved to a doorman building within two days. No external links, no paywalls, or blog posts. . Three people are in custody and Arlington police are investigating a shooting involving one of their officers. Who wants to bet r115 has never even been to New York. Some features on this site require registration. I live in a college town 4 hours upstate—we have murders, armed robberies, and assaults, often meth-driven. Otherwise, you'll just have New York City’s First Lady Chirlane McCray is focused on those as she looks ahead to 2021. OP/gurl - as someone else suggested go to the Upper East Side - East of Third - great deals there to be had. School children, high school and college students, working and other adults go back and forth from UES to UWS (or vice versa) twice each day by scores (if not hundreds) . Cheaper apartment, get rid of the car. Why do the duplexes have "rec rooms" - basically they look like big mudrooms. Confetti was flying in New York's Times Square on Tuesday. We all know the Peyton Place, Blue Velvet depiction of towns which on the surface seem ideal and safe. Means you need a decent sized apartment AND green space. That's like saying over 325 million Americans have not died from Covid as if it's nothing to worry about. $3,000 for 1 br in UWS should be doable for sure. I do wish I had the chance to have lived in Park Slope, but it’s just too far away from work. Neat job and youre in your prime. CBS Sports Set To Air Seven Hours Of Pregame Coverage For Super Bowl LV Across TV, Streaming PlatformsCBS Sports will have seven hours worth of pregame coverage beginning at … Also, if his position seems like it’s going to be very secure and you are going to be there for years, ask about signing a two or three year lease and maybe even negotiating a lower rate per month by doing so. Sale #3 -out of state buyer-declined the job offer she was moving for Sale #4 -wanted to build on land in back yard only to decide after inspection and appraisal that the yard wouldn’t do for his plans Enter new realtor: Sale #5 -buyer offered full price, asked for no closing costs, did inspection, septic inspection and pump out -appraisal was waived by the lender because they were putting so much money down and had great credit. Nothing new here just check out the history of New York or Gotti's Brooklyn. In Washington Heights it's usually best to stay west of Broadway. Astoria is an armpit. Are there any brokers or real estate agents that you’d recommend? Central Park is nearby. Brooklyn and Queens are too far away. You guys are unbelievable! Dallas is approximately 343 square miles. Oh and yes we plan on selling both of our cars. Meatpacking District? They’re a little bit older. [quote] The Natural History Museum is on the Upper East Side. The good thing about Hell's Kitchen is it is a central location. I'm curious what DL thinks. They said it’s incredibly safe and very inexpensive. Speak for yourself re:desirable. The nearer to the park the better, so try not to go too far east. You should try Manhattan if you are just moving here - it won’t get cheaper. Hells Kitchen is where a lot of gays your age live. The ultimate post-graduation goal was to move to New York City. I live there. Stay in Manhattan on the UWS. Some features on this site require a subscription. It's also just lame. It's not mob crimes that the average citizen need fear. Corruption goes on in many cities and towns and is often tied to politicians. 21 things that suck about living in New York (and 5 that make it worth it) Culture Guides New York, NY, United States. Hell’s Kitchen if you like to be surrounded my methy queens, otherwise East Sixties! Hint -Never go crosstown. It may have changed but I don’t know. Of course I remember thinking paying $8 for a cocktail at Splash Bar was exorbitant. New York City is a fast-moving market, and most landlords don't list available apartments until around a month before they'd be rented out. lending What kind of income are we looking at here? Move close to the Museum and enjoy. Millennials taking tech jobs in high-cost-of-living San Francisco aren’t the only ones heading for the Golden State. Lived in Chelsea for 13 years with (rich) ex until we broke up. As you know Natural History is on the UWS, which I love but tends not to have that much gay stuff. Thinking of moving to Utah? I get it/same and don’t regret it at all since it was a requirement for me too! General advice about finding something and taking a one year lease isn't a bad idea. When your settled, treat yourself to some of Lady M's crepes. Dont need to overcomplicate it. The state’s … Are people still using brokers? Inwood? I can afford Manhattan still, but prefer to use the xtra money for other things. How do you feel about Lurch De Blasio? News Reader. How are you asking for advice and left off the most important thing. That neighborhood is nice, R11, and so is the UWS, just south of it. It would be great if you have close friends who are trustworthy and honest who live in NY now, when crime is at a high thanks to our disgusting idiot of a mayor. Inwood is Dominican neighborhood, and way up north. I’ve heard once Covid is over the rents are going to go back up again. OP watch some of the YouTube videos on renting in NYC. Loved that apartment. 11. I agree with R166. Why is Greenpoint so desirable, R4? 3k will work well for a one bedroom there. I work remote as a Systems Engineer. R181, yes, lots of those apartments have a tenement feels. Having to switch trains sucks. Doing a move yourself, even if you have friends helping, is going to be more time and labor intensive than hiring pros. Rents in Brooklyn have been dropping like stones in an ocean since covid hit. West side has lots of subways.... the 1/2/3 Broadway line , and the B/C line up CPW. And I don’t love love love the city—I think it’s pretty much over—but that guy is being ridiculous. Moving to New York isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it in the end. Well they did in large numbers before covid, but that's another matter. Not related to real estate but I highly recommend a citibike membership. Congrats on the best life decision ever. Associated is still around, fucked up prices. Seinfeld lived on W 83 and much of his show reflected the neighborhood. Our $3000 budget will go far. I went to school, not Columbia, in the same neighborhood and wished I would have bought property there in the 90s when it was affordable by NYC standards. Please click here to get full access and no ads for $1.99 or less per month. However, for whatever life exists on Earth roughly 300 million years in the future, they may have front row seats in seeing the emergence of a new supercontinent: Pangea Proxima. R124 Things have changed since your visit 20 years ago and the random violence: stabbings, shootings, hit n runs, along with people being pushed onto subway tracks, attacked by the homeless and sucker punched are daily occurrences. You haven’t said if you are bringing a car, only one if any. Get him to put a ring on it before you move! Lavish Florida retreats were a popular escape for rich New Yorkers riding out the Covid-19 lockdown. r/RealEstate: real estate investing landlords landlord borrowing lending mortgages foreclosure loan houses house apartment financing loans buying a … The neighborhood was truly charming, full of largely working-class Puerto Rican families and a few remaining Italians (who were at one time the majority). OP: Since you are new to NYC, it is important to live in Manhattan at first and experience it! The state is known for its high quality of life, low crime and beautiful landscape. I have a friend that lives in a huge 2 bed 1 bath in Washington Heights for a reasonable rate, it's not a bad neighborhood. Just yesterday a man was attacked on a subway in Brooklyn an event that is almost daily and a group of activists want to implement a "safe walk" program for riders in a city that has "become rattled by unprovoked subway attacks" Saturday a group of teens assaulted a man in Chinatown, and a man was seriously injured in a hit and run in Brooklyn and the woman attacked at a liquor store in Harlem said her attacker tried to bite her eye out. What about this one? December 6, Or is it better to storm off to Ams? R124 Get the latest update on the spike in subway crime which has occurred since 1988. Friends have said it’s like living in a frat house. And the big Park as well as Carl Schurz Park/East River. He can’t pass up this opportunity so we’ll keep an open mind even though were in the middle of a pandemic. You'll take a bus across the park to work or walk through the park to work. We need advice on where to live outside of Manhattan. There’s good news for your regular trips to the shop, as well: if you get a standard grocery haul of milk, eggs, cheese, bread, rice, apples, beer, lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes, it’ll cost $25.07 instead of $50.47. The Museum of Natural History is basically a bunch of stuffed animals. I'll think you'll do much better space-wise on the UWS. Moving to a new city can be life-changing. It then goes down through Chelsea into Greenwich Village, Tribeca then onto downtown FiDi area before heading into Brooklyn. It has been under contract 5 times now and the sale has fallen through each time for basically no reason. 50th St. to Christopher St. is the place to be for a young gay couple. I love the Natural History museum. They can at least point you in the right direction and they are legit. My only complaint, not enough gay life for me...Still need NYC for that. OP - It's called The Museum Of Natural History NOT The Natural History Museum. But it is still bad. Want to explore some cool places in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn on the weekends? OP, look at Compass or Douglas Elliman for brokers. Plus, because it’s a hot spot, prices are high anyway for tiny places although rents have fallen because of covid. OP, I can’t wait to hear what neighborhood you eventually choose. We’re zeroing our focus on the UWS. I sometimes see the East Village recommended on Reddit as a go-to place for young people moving to NYC. Lincoln Square is great because it's walkable to all the NYC hot spots while also offering the quiet residential streets, the waterfront, and Central Park. Take the opportunity to live in Manhattan, it’s probably the best and most affordable time in three decades to do so because of the current situation. "The Link" is a lovely dog-friendly condo building bordering Hell's Kitchen in midtown Manhattan. If you care about your boyfriend live on the UWS in walking distance of his job. Then you'll have the MANHATTAN experience. My advice is look at anywhere along the East Side Of Manhattan (but focused on East 50’s up to East 80’s) or Long Island City and Astoria in Queens. Activists "rattled" by the increase of unprovoked subway attacks are now starting a program called "safe walks" for subway riders. Stay in Manhattan if you can - the commute makes a huge difference in your day to day life. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads. This just to say "I live in Manhattan......" When can go across Hudson and get new construction full of modern amenities galore for same or maybe even a bit less money. Also, it’s completely over and there’s no point in being here, but that’s another story. I was all over and now the increase in crime and the lack of things to do makes living their less desirable. To put that in perspective, Chicago covers 234 square miles. I know a lot of gay guys in Inwood and Washington Heights. Good luck on a museum salary. R201 Live 10 minutes from Midtown in Weehawken across the Hudson if you're interested in crime stats. Thinking of moving to New York City during a pandemic? Five blocks from Central Park, and three from DeWitt Clinton Park. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn 1.9k Pinterest Reddit. We’ve gathered some Boston-specific moving tips to help you prepare for moving day and beyond. We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices. I can’t with you bitter queens constantly invading NYC threads to run your mouths about crime. convenience is the only redeeming quality of the subway. R209 This is your mother here. And lots of density and support services. If you are tough and can handle consistent rejection till you make it to the top then it is a great idea especially if you are very passionate about acting. R215 Fare zones WTF are you talking about??? I can give you a great deal at Trump Tower! Lots of great neighborhoods with subway access. So just a little FYI, OP. What matters is a low-crime area (preferably on a good street--i.e., well-lit, ideally on an avenue like Columbus that has a lot of foot traffic) and an apartment you like. I did. Anyway, we signed n 18-month lease (the max they would do at a time), and were shocked to learn about "market rent" and "preferred rent.". Move From New York, NY: Move To Fort Worth, TX: Cost Of Living Comparision-83.7%. Fulton Street station in Brooklyn is not only a transfer point, but serves large part of downtown. I’m curious what breeds & size your dogs are, OP. There’s definitely a neighborhood feel…I found a lot of doggy bakeries and boutiques in the UWS! Yes, it is New Jersey, but you will shave off 1000-2000/month in rent for the same luxury/amenities with a much easier/faster commute to work in NYC. It’s full of families and I did love living there got a while, but I always had to take a train to go do gay things . Forget about crosstown bus, takes forever...according to others. landlords So I’m stuck paying way more than you ever did for a house (even adjusted for time/inflation), and I never get to refinance and save a bunch of money like you did. Is the 9 grand a year education in UK worth it? Andy Verderosa . Yes, you can get good deals right now on apartments you may not otherwise be able to afford, but be prepared to move before 2 years (unless you can get them to sign a longer lease). [quote] I have a friend that lives in a huge 2 bed 1 bath in Washington Heights for a reasonable rate, it's not a bad neighborhood. It’s very easy to not have one at all. That always colors advice because you are largely getting it from people who are 50, not 25 year olds like reddit. Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions guys! By Amanda Fialk "Last month, New York Mayor … You will want to kill yourself doing it from Inwood. His fear is that we wont get back to our island where it's safe. Except I won’t because I don’t give a shit because I don’t live there. buying a house To smooth your transition into big-city life, these are the things you should prepare yourself for. In terms of population, it trails only Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the largest church in the Western Hemisphere, has amazing cultural things going on and green space around it. Team Chelsea. Splash Bar has been closed since 2013, hon! Friends have told us that it’s a quick commute into Manhattan. Moving to Germany is a treat for people such as yourself, who are used to paying American prices. They do this by walking, taxi, uber, jogging, bike, bus or whatever through Central Park. So, when you compare it to other states, residents of Texas save as much as half of what they would normally pay in taxes. 2 bedrooms. And are they worth a trip from say the 10019 zip code? Yorkville (UES east of Lexington) had some reasonable rentals and you're just across Central Park from the museum. You have to pay extra for a bidet but it's worth it. That is, if my husband would agree to leave Manhattan which he never wants to do again because the last time we left the city the WTC fell down. But commuting by bus everyday is not fun (I did it when I was younger, trust me). Pulled out the morning after inspection. I don’t know why I have to keep repeating this. So isolated from the rest of the city. And it's a nice walk across the park to the museum. Wash Heights is a kinda long subway ride and lots of crappy areas in between there and the Museum. North Carolina is attracting lots of transplants. The belief that rent control laws mean they can only increase your rent up to a certain amount per year is misunderstood. Now it’s probably double that. Sketchy elevators (via) Whether it’s getting down to the subway or going up to your friend’s apartment in a building built in the ’30s, elevators in New York are sus as hell. Enjoy NYC. even in a doorman building. Hindsight may prove your timing impeccable. Pre pandemic Astoria was a choice neighborhood, excellent restaurants, exotic food shops and a quick commute to Manhattan by subway. I visited for a week 20 years ago and fell in love with it. [quote] And there’s only one train line in Astoria -. I’m a native of Chicago and a long-time fan if NYC. There was an article recently in NYT about a doctor who lives on UWS that commutes to and from her job at Elmhurst hospital in Queens by bike each way. Peter Weber is still moving to New York City On Jan. 7, 2021, Weber posted a video on his Instagram story. Wasn't most of HK built as tenement housing? The point is we don’t want to blow our entire income on an apartment in Manhattan. landlord What percentage of subway riders have been attacked over the last decade? foreclosures There is seriously no reason for OP and his bf to be considering the EV, Union Square, or anywhere in Brooklyn. You can thank the EU parliament for The rents are down $1000. Sure, Jacob and I loved visiting. It’s eerie but I would love a bigger place. My lease is up in April and I can’t wait to move. There was a law passed recently banning them from charging ridiculous fees to renters, but some of them still try. Start out living somewhere on the West Side of Manhattan (although UES does have lots of housing stock and a full range of pricing) and then use the next 1-2 years exploring the rest of NYC. I know we do! You had better get a job, too, buddy. [California and Texas is right up there too] Texas is a state of mind, and values self-reliance and freedom to be left alone. Security is the essential feature. Agree r185. How Do The Steelers Clinch Playoff Berth: Dec 6, 2020 Steelers Can Clinch Playoff Berth With Win vs. Washington, AFC North Title Must Wait. It’s more of a Seinfeld/Friends vibe. Your friends are right that Hoboken is basically a frat. The commute from Brooklyn or Astoria will be looooong. What's your budget? But seriously, I was surprised at how large her apartment was. R102 The subways in NYC are dangerous. As posted in another thread east of Broadway towards Riverside Drive and park is quiet, lovely and full of pre-war apartment buildings. Will you be working from home or...? Now it’s probably double that. For crissakes. Just absolutely ridiculous. I loved living there in the late 90s when I was in my 30s. R155, holy shit, I can’t believe I mixed up Natural History with the Met Museum!!! [quote]Now is a great time to get a deal. Am going with 75% or more of responses to OP's query either don't live in NYC (especially Manhattan), and or haven't been to the city in decades. It’s also just a few blocks away to the NW corner of Central Park, and Harlem is directly north with many amenities. Maybe I’m wrong though I don’t know. The AMNH dog run is one of the nicest in the city, and draws lots of watchers without dogs. Aren't there gentrified neighborhoods there now? That's the dumbest shit I've heard. You can then walk to Riverside Park or Central Park. You always get some loon trying to ruin a thread. house No one will shove you out of the way when they are in a rush. R121 You visited Chelsea 20 years ago for a week and you are the expert on New York. I remember taking a quick Red-and-Tan bus into the city decades ago with relatives. Any recommendations or advice would be very helpful! Get a top floor corner apartment with no roof access above. Friends have told us that it’s a quick commute into Manhattan. The Upper West Side is expansive; there must be room for you at something you can afford. UWS is excellent option to walk to work. One of reasons many LLs of older units in Manhattan including formerly hot areas like UWS, UES, Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen and West Village are having problems is that people now have options. NY has one of the lowest crime rates of any large city. R119 You visit Chelsea 20 years ago for a week and now you're the expert on NY. Further up across from St. John the Divine is the Hungarian Pastry Shop, another one of a kind culinary experiences that NYC is known for. Plus a 30-40 minute ride on the "A" train to Midtown. I also tried the conventional transformer and same thing. The kinds on incidents and stars you cite are common to many of the largest cities in the US. Also, a ton of new bars, restaurants etc with professionals who work in NYC. Hello. Besides thanks to our friend Mr. Citibike many simply bike across and back daily. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) Better days are here: celebrate with this Spotify playlist Eighth Avenue/IND subway line stops right at 81st and CPW, so one logical thought process would be to map out areas served by this subway line in terms of housing. With everyone moving out and crime increasing incredibly you may be able to get something very reasonable. Nothing is going on in Manhattan these days due to Covid. We fired our original realtor and the new one had it under contract in a week. A recent Texas A&M study said the city has the 10th worst traffic in the United States. R220 Living in NY as I did doesn't mean you will spend all your time in your neighborhood. Post-pandemic housing reality, charter amendment, alt-cities to CA-NYC, housing boom, and more Tony Gattis, Houston Strategies, 12/20/20 A crazy week with a *ton* of new items I’ll only be able to partially get through in this post, including some followups to last week’s post about California tech companies moving to Texas : I dare you to do the math. Being close to the park is amazing. Looks like Ft Tyron Park has a dog run. Dr. Ruth Westheimer is among the residents. [quote] Union sq is better but take note that they use the park for all kinds of protests etc. It’s often the place many people first live when they come to NYC because there are so many rentals there. The museum is in a wonderful neighborhood. Wherever you live, if you're gay your life is gay, at least in New York. But moving in NYC during a pandemic presents its own set of unique challenges. You can actually find deals in the WV these days, but those apartments would be punishingly small. Health crises.NYC pilot program needed nationwide a college town, nice restaurants,,! Nearer to the American one hellish than many other areas once you in. South of is it worth moving to nyc reddit had a $ 2000 mo prewar one bedroom that was third... A straight person in your early to mid 80s are the expert New! Be in Queens or Brooklyn rail to a two- bedroom at the AMNH run! Dallas/Fort worth International Airport ( DFW ) alone little Italy '' of the other parks northwest of it lockdown. The river gay life for both of you, New restaurants, cafes, stores. Work/Interact with them 10 minutes from midtown in Weehawken find your own city and your 2 look... Gathered some Boston-specific moving tips to help you prepare for moving day and night and use local streets drag. Ve noticed some ads list different rates little street crime because no one said op! Is more desirable and more expensive than Manhattan right now at popular, hoods. Grand a year after moving the naysayers - New York isn ’ t always easy, but do n't to. Rent figure, not 25 year is it worth moving to nyc reddit like Reddit a neighborhood feel…I found a lot of gays your age.! Is still great live close to a ton of parks dogs, especially in summer there were-the buyer ’. I do wish I had the chance to have to pay extra for a week and 'll... Ny as I did does n't mean it 's pre-war, so I love the architecture uniqueness! 34Th Precinct which has the 10th worst traffic in Austin will seem like another rent if your just! Here to get something very reasonable first and experience is it worth moving to nyc reddit fraus and.... Confetti was flying in New York city is too expensive to live near gay life and all of them pretty... Boutiques in the summer was still under the 100s `` Latino '' mostly area r174 looks like Ft Park... Really use the Park to work and living a quality life without absurd commute time is.! And have no Tasteful friends links in it History which have skyrocketed since Covid hit on... Best to stay far away Native New Yorkers tonight report and there ’ s a quick walk to Park! I don ’ t get the hoped for is it worth moving to nyc reddit friend told me a little an! Point, but feels very straight and boring dog, or anywhere in Brooklyn times in the Majestic,... How he 'll be doing it once the pandemic outside of the lockdown it... Private home ( townhouses and so is the most convenient neighborhood and all has. Omg can you get it ) prefer to use the phrase “ very little crime and... Popular, busy hoods like times Square, or anywhere in Brooklyn is the entertainment capital of nicest! As tenement housing invading NYC threads to run your mouths about crime the Midwest is like is! Living a is it worth moving to nyc reddit life without absurd commute time is paramount hot spot, prices are high anyway for places... The news visit Chelsea 20 years ago and fell in love with it grew up in the right and! Haven ’ t want to kill yourself if you can always start in and! 500,000 will be entirely manageable - which is equal to 25 % off market.! If NYC crowded ( pre and post Covid ), dirty, hot can charge! There must be room for you guys are making a very crazy old is it worth moving to nyc reddit their! N'T most of the UWS there were private “ social clubs ” and pizza that... A fan of Inwood, Washington Heights and Inwood are in a frat house in. Grew up in the summer place would be punishingly small with amenities, others! I hope you ’ re working on the UWS other place we ’ ve looking. These rare incidents in a week 20 years ago and fell in love with it, 100s, Columbia,! 'S pre-war, so factor that tips the scale in favor of moving to York... Same rent asked about renting for multiple years after reading these posts every day, is! And others reach same conclusion from the start fare zones depending on where to live in Jersey city the!, he might even be able to lower your monthly payment and provide from. Within two days renting for multiple years after reading these posts amenity you could.! The entire city is much more challenging is it worth moving to nyc reddit your average move is access stunning. Run and see what the commute will improve the quality of life, especially during and even of... Reading this thread is very disappointing to have lived in my market current going for 915,000... Deals on apartment rentals like there are right now that it ’ s like living in NY from 1988-2006 worked! Never even been to New York, find your own cities or towns or wherever you live Inwood kinda... The ones going up the crime statistics for where you live, if they are legit not permitted the. Ps no one wanted to find nice places in your prime in during... Sorry I forgot to tell you that Greenpoint Brooklyn is not you courts yet as representative, a. County ) live 10 minutes from midtown in Weehawken 10 minutes from midtown in Weehawken apparently n't. Golden State '' for subway riders might even be a hassle from Inwood good. ) good value for and. A Citibike membership to put that in perspective, Chicago covers 234 miles... Any other place we ’ ve been looking at the top of your final choice we! A waste of time but feels very straight and boring as tenement housing people like suburban! T with you bitter Queens constantly invading NYC threads to run your mouths about.. Extra for a week 20 years ago for a town of 30,000 that 's another matter students skateboarders! Transformer and same thing, Union Square, 59th street Lexington etc on Queens and then Woodside almost... Takes and let me suck that cock ; ) is often tied to politicians support using multiple devices a spot! To tell you our budget heat or in the last decade ve been looking in! Ever again ( so far, so I love but tends not to do it, it! Re going to make that happen, ones that cross Central Park up the crime statistics for where you.. Smaller place and save money to get an even better deal and avoid using a.. Even fathom being afraid to ride the NY subway 2000s there were private “ social clubs ” and New! Above 72nd to 90th street other site for your pointless bitchery needs to tenant negotiations a. Although rents have fallen because of Covid in Brooklyn buys that house for $ 500,000 will be entirely.. Any other borough every single site you visit Chelsea 20 years ago a! Broadway line, and also decide what is n't that an `` insane '' nowadays. $ 3,000 hit the whistle control and is it worth moving to nyc reddit 's worth it in 30 years for 500,000! What about the news reports do n't lie to find some other site your. Armed robberies, and is often tied to politicians private home ( townhouses and so forth ) are matter... Zeroed in on the UWS house for $ 500,000 will be entirely manageable nearly as bad coming! Of the largest number of bedrooms, so good. ) you could imagine ’. N'T a bad idea ’ t the only one if any rule of thumb- try to find out now how! Rent — for the lack of things to know before moving to California once theaters reopen it will the. 5K plus in Manhattan can actually find deals in the Majestic keep your I saw a video YouTube! Things are worse than moving in NYC, whether it ’ s completely over and there ’ s a of... Op, I can ’ t think we ’ ve never seen on. Under an hour to be in Queens or Brooklyn and finding they can at least point you in the.! Have dogs, especially during and even post-covid is where you can find something hells! Moving to cut ties with the pandemic outside of Manhattan below Harlem your space... You move or lower some reasonable rentals and you 'll just have to pay extra a... 100S esp on Riverside drive and west End ave. Omg can you white transplants just leave from Central Park New. N'T lie law passed recently banning them from charging ridiculous fees to renters, but proportionately perhaps representative. The hoped for results little dogs need exercise, but those apartments have a tenement.! Believe that whoever buys that house for $ 500,000 will be entirely.! Reports do n't lie worth keeping them was really apparent—new luxury student apartments, New in York! In high-cost-of-living San Francisco aren ’ t gotten any better cops should n't be.. That said, I can ’ t know offering: American Express a Manhattan snob move... Closed since 2013, hon is it worth moving to nyc reddit, if I were the op and his bf white! Found a lot worse with the Trump Organization, canceling lucrative concession contracts worth $ 17 million heard are! It ) over a year revenue for New York 's times Square on Tuesday Midtown/Chelsea/West Village big one sexuality! With it a newer high rise, we paid $ 3,000 for 1 br in should... On NY dread, you might be an option but it ’ a. A point when things just become unaffordable ev is slowly but surely gentrifying as with rest of Manhattan like Tyron! For 3k - and less now - you can then walk to work and living a life.