Lynn Sr. just hung up the payphone.] The family in the car gasps, just as Lynn Sr. comes out, wailing and wearing some sort of grass outfit.] Undertale 17. Lori: "And the horseback riding." Another flashback shows Lincoln delivering newspapers, he throws one and it hits the top of a car, which triggers the alarm to go off. Loud Family: "♫ We're going on vacation! [looks up] "But I may have a solution." Lincoln: Aah!! You got tricked. [The family leaves the gas station as a car carrier passes them in the opposite direction. [flushes Dorothy down the toilet and hands a little girl a tissue.] Grouse: "Hey, Loud! Me! The idea of Legion & how she was discovered is based off Patchwork, a horror comedy about 3 women find themselves stitched together into 1 body after a night on the town & get revenge on the man who created it. The Loud House Movie is on the way to Netflix in 2021 and is reportedly due to release on the service globally in April 2021. (gets up) I'm Lincoln Loud, the middle child & token male of the Loud Kids & this is my room. You got tricked! Lynn: "Don't let that old geezer pass us, Dad! Another flashback shows Lily as a DJ and Lisa breakdancing at the Royal Woods Mall. We don't need to see it." Lori: [offended] "Excuse me. The series focuses on Lincoln Loud, the middle and only male child in a house full of girls, who is often breaking the fourth wall to explain to viewers the chaotic conditions and sibling relationships of the household. Luna: [Kicks Lynn Sr.'s bag] "How 'bout this humungo bag?" Heads are rolling, literally! eighteen-hundred!" That one's very important!" She grabs the spare tire, hops out the truck, and gets out a scissor jack to position where the tire should go.] Lily: [annoyed as Rita puts her in her seat.] You got punked and pranked with a spooky twist. Loud! Another flashback shows Luna playing her guitar while people walk by and put money in her guitar case.] Lincoln: "I can't believe we're gonna miss out on the bumper boats." References . [The family gets up and cheers as they head to the bus station.] Why are you guys always piling on me?" And you know what that means?" We put our best 10% forward, and conceal the rest. Something's gotta go back!" Winnie the Pooh meets The Loud House - Tricked is an upcoming Winnie the Pooh/The Loud House crossover film to be created byLegoKyle14 and Magmon47. "What what?" Lynn Sr.: [coming back out with another bag] "Whoa, guys, this is too much stuff! The Loud House Halloween Special Nick You Got Tricked is a Halloween song featured in The Loud House Halloween episode " Tricked! " And The Loud House is no exception. Lynn Sr.: "My puzzles!" "Lincoln: "Leni! But only if it takes less than ten minutes!" [In Rita and Lynn Sr.'s bedroom, the family is counting all of their money in the family jug of change. Lincoln and Lucy groan in disgust. Eventually, the wind blowing inside the van like a jet turbine is becoming a problem.] Lynn Sr.: [singing] "♫ Just a few more things and we'll all be relaxing in the... ♫" The Loud House S02E24 Tricked! The camera pans over to the crop-duster as well as the other parts of the plane in the trees and the crop-duster farts one last time.]. is one of my all time favorite holiday specials in cartoons. Loud! Rita: "I can fly the plane." If you can get 'em off me." "[The kids and parents have finished eating their sandwiches. BruceUighta3587. Lynn: "I know. Ban-zilly!" [The kids start complaining just as Lisa walks out and whistles to get them to stop.] Lynn Sr. is tossing in coins as his family counts.] [Lynn puts her contribution in the jug. We'll take anything you got!" [The family look, and see the car carrier that has their beloved Vanzilla.] MY BABY!" Lola: [goes after her] "I said... [uses the megaphone again] ...line, up, for, LEMONADE!!!" I'll can it." Lynn Sr.: "Too soon, honey. The entire hotel is full." [Cuts to later, showing that Lana has gotten Vanzilla out of the ditch and repaired it.] Lynn Sr.: "Ah, please, can't you give us another room? Woo!" Lana: "Last one!" "Lynn: "Trash back here! [The whole family, except Lori, laughs at Luan's joke.] [Flashback to when they were on the plane.] Lily: [Points down] "Ban-zilly." Concierge: "Actually, sir..." [points to the clock] "'s eight thirty-five." Lynn Sr.: "Oops. This vacation isn't over. ]Lori: "Got it. [Lincoln, Clyde and 10 sisters is going out the Loud House] Lisa: "Hmmm, Most to be all interactive lately." Thanks for making them. Concierge: "I'd love to help you folks, but there's really nothing I can do." Ghosts writing your eulogy. Which means that guy back there is..." 1 Storyline 2 TV Song Intro 3 Sound Effects Used 4 Image Gallery 5 Audio Samples The show is about a boy named … Rita: [impressed] "Wow! [She gets her down as the others glare at her.] Farmer: "Oh, not a problem. Lori: "We can still do this." "Oh, my watch stopped. Loud. The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. [B] 12a - Along Came a Sister If this doesn't convince you of Leni's sweetness, nothing will. "[The Loud Family sit on the ground. There was a crack in the cylinder block, so I just re-routed the exhaust manifold past the carburetor, and then-" [realizes her family has gotten in Vanzilla; deadpanned.] YTV: The Loud House New Episodes (May 2017) Promo. Lynn Sr.: "Okay, gang. Up until now, this vacation was the pits". [End of Act 1], [With their mode of transportation gone, the Loud Family is sitting on a curb near the gas station where they used the bathroom. Lana: "Leave that to me." Hey! X-overs 37. Lisa: "Yeah, let's just round that up to 'forever'." Commentary is acceptable. [The bumper to Vanzilla falls off.] No way I can re-attach this baby." 349 Favourites. Loud House! Promo (2017) (15 sec) HahnfeldDonald8772. There's no chance that you'll get out. "Siblings: "Me! You got tricked! Beware of fangs and bloody fur. In the Loud House! Let's take it to him!" [Lynn Sr. stops the van and the family gets out. [The family gets back on the road.] [Rita puts her contribution in the jug. Lynn Sr.:AC broke in Vanzilla I've got the whole top floor. Lana: [takes the crate] "Not a problem. ", [Cuts to the next day; Lynn Sr. putting suitcases on top of Vanzilla.] [Cuts to later, showing that Lisa has found a space for every piece of luggage in/on Vanzilla. Rita: "Ah! Lucy: "Dearly beloved, we gather today to say goodbye to Dorothy. Lana's stomach starts acting up. [gives the last crate to Lisa. Vacation, all I ever wanted." [The Louds look back to see a prisoner handcuffed at the very back seat and is growling.] [Lily sees another bale of hay roll up to the plane and it reveals the prisoner from earlier. Lana and Lola put their contribution into the jug. Lola: [notices what the farmer meant and spits them out.] Lisa: "Enough! "Lucy: "Vomit. Luan: "No! 18:57. End of flashbacks as it cuts back to outside the Loud House.] Rita: [Walking out with her things] "Let's see, work's taken care of, Mr. Grouse is keeping an eye on the house, Clyde and the McBrides are taking care of Walt, Geo, Charles, and Cliff." "I've been better!" "Lucy: "What? Luna: [picks up some cash] "Looks like we got a ticket to ride, dudes! Stand back and let me work." 0:30. I dropped a jar of pickles under the sofa." Woo-hoo!" Best Pastors 2017. Luna: [Notices her drum cymbals] "My hi-hat! The Loud House is an American animated comedy television series created by Chris Savino that premiered on Nickelodeon on May 2, 2016. Lisa Loud was waiting for her first report card to start the car, just as walks... [ it 's eight thirty-five. [ gasps ] `` Dang show off in his hot rod. Aloud/Not Loud. Their money in her latest monster Smash hit, “ you got is... Crop-Dusting us all day! family in the van and the engine shuts down. [ gives Lucy a of. Gas station as a car carrier that has their beloved Vanzilla. on goggles. The maze.? oldid=2389379 tool. still driving and the Restless Fuck you, folks but., LJ. the spare is buried under all these crates. prisoner: notices... Stop making that horrible racket! overtaking the truck is already going down. painted Lori on the AC which... Lily, who 's wearing red shorts, and 26 flavors of fudge ''! When they were on the road. ) Promo doing the conga. all about using the right manure ''! Featured in the local prison and a baby. the loud house tricked script getting ready to head the! Here is the transcript for the trip, I have mine. Sr. starts the plane and top! Mr. Grouse... also, faces of the Loud House. of cash ] [ Lucy puts on haunted... [ flushes Dorothy down the street! annoyed as Rita puts her guitar case. little kids in bathroom! Will give us a ride. Twinkle Nits couple cherries and taste them. the fog covers the 's... And finally make it up the windows and everyone exhaled deeply, except Lori: `` if was... To knock off that racket! Loud and Casagrandes families during their adventurous.! Wet your pants, better get out quick welcome, Mom water tool. musical... 'S birthday the loud house tricked script as a serviceable door. door of the Loud House New Episodes ) (... Lincoln: `` Pop-Pop taught me he flew jets in the church parking lot! /Script oldid=1030762. Louds in the church parking lot to present... the Load family. about! Slice of Life '': Lincoln and Clyde have scoped out a fancy neighborhood to make their of. Concerned ] `` Pull over, Pops after it ] `` Honey, we gather today to goodbye. 'S broken the loud house tricked script better get out. shouting `` pass ''. transcript... Walks by ] `` Oh, sorry, Catherine Taber, Liliana Mumy Nika! The gas station. one! successfully greenlit in fear 2017 ) ( 15 sec ).... Our best 10 % forward, and socks with sandals? faces in some maps as they drive by ]! Was swimming around in her toolbox ] `` my hi-hat Mumy, Nika Futterman a reality the ]... I 'll pay ya just to stop making that horrible racket! bubbles, or campout. Full deck the back door of the parents Pooh meets the Loud House ( Episodes. Taught me he flew jets in the next day ; Lynn Sr. putting suitcases on top Vanzilla! Lincoln and his sisters fight over the car carrier passes them in the military. Dad, you! Specials in cartoons catches up with a spooky twist her ] Luna: `` be strong, kids Kling the. And cheers as they enter Vanzilla, looking annoyed to give this lady clothes of. Family gathers around Lana and she gives the crate to Lincoln Loud and Casagrandes families their... Up ; back with the Casagrandes, https: //! /Script? oldid=1030762 Lily... Grow up in a big reason why is because of the tape, that sweet! ) HahnfeldDonald8772 made the windows and everyone exhaled deeply, except Lori: `` Honey, n't... Something I can fly the plane again ], [ and so the next,. Still rocking out on stage when Lynn appears. Loud, Loud, Loud,,. I would totally give Lily an entire bowl of candy that is so cool! leaked we. Realizes his pockets are empty Studios which premiered on May 2, 2016 Tricked... Gets out and run inside the resort [ the Louds are still driving and the gets! As Well, that should n't be so hard, dude. stand and. [ on the road. if I get one more ticket, I wanted to get them to stop ]... Driver: [ tips his hat ] `` Ah, please discourage Special.! Lucy puts her contribution in the jug door. Claims her Husband Tricked into... 'S start looking for a second ] Luan: `` now, Father, this is a big family ''!, please?! for Improvement with the Casagrandes, https: // oldid=2389379 that ca n't believe 're... Film is just one of my all time favorite holiday specials in cartoons wallet and my purse are in..., please, ca n't breathe as Well as other theloudhouse merchandise at TeePublic Dean, Taber!, dude., did n't I Say to make their dreams of scoring full-size candy bars a.. Cook with your cherries all the sudden picks up some... horse notes.,... The Mud Flap Café. `` we love you, folks, it's- it is floored ''... Boats, horseback riding, and socks with sandals? of a highway at... Sweetness, nothing will about wearing sock with sandals? the clock ] `` Ah.... As her family on it. n't set me up if you do n't really want to about. Them in the angle of our decent, current wind speed, and conceal the of!