[57], Tornado watches were issued for the Atlantic coast from Pennsylvania to Florida at the start of the day and continued through the morning and early afternoon, but tornadoes were forecasted to generally be weaker and more isolated. [55], The Storm Prediction Center received 292 reports of tornadoes in the preceding 24 hours. First, Coleman and Dixon used a statistical technique to incorporate entire tornado path lengths, not simply a tornado's start point, to more accurately depict the risk and potential for destruction. Additional homes were destroyed in this area, one was swept away, and thousands of trees were mowed down and debarked. Several other people were injured in this area as well. Reaching estimated maximum winds of 145 mph (233 km/h), the tornado continued on its northeast track, crossing County Roads 18 and 21, Alabama State Highway 69, and County Road 29 as it moved south and east of the small communities of Harper Hill and Ingram. [156] Following the tornado outbreak on the evening of April 27, President Barack Obama granted a federal emergency declaration for the state of Alabama, giving federal assistance, including search and rescue assets, to the affected region. Two tornadoes touched down in Michigan and caused damage to farm structures. It remained on the ground for almost an hour and a half, traversing 72.13 miles (116.08 km), being, at times, about 1 mile (1.6 km) wide. It tracked 3 miles (4.8 km) into Georgia before lifting outside of Rising Fawn at 6:55 p.m. CDT/7:55 p.m. EDT (2355 UTC). The tornado then moved back into Tuscaloosa County, causing mostly minor tree and structural damage at EF1 strength before rapidly intensifying and crossing into Fayette County once again. Additionally, the Eoline Volunteer Fire Department and another business were both destroyed. The tornado travelled 30.24 miles (48.67 km) through Jackson and Marion Counties and had a peak width of 1,320 yards (1,210 m). Entire homes were leveled, and in some cases completely removed by the storm, leaving only brick steps, a fireplace and chimney, or a slab behind. This story does not necessarily represent the position of our parent company, IBM. The University itself was undamaged by the storm, though six students enrolled at the University were later discovered to have perished. [126] An underground storm shelter in this area had much of its dirt covering scoured away, the occupants of which reported that structure heaved upwards slightly as the tornado passed overhead. The tornado finally dissipated north of Joy at 7:59 p.m. CDT (00:59 UTC), after having travelled just over 51 miles (82 km). [119][121], Leaving behind six fatalities and forty more injuries, the tornado maintained its intensity as it moved into the Talladega National Forest. Additional homes were leveled at high-end EF3 intensity near The Indian Mountain Tract before it continued across rural areas into Georgia. For a broad swath of the Central Plains, Mississippi Valley and lower Ohio Valley, Coleman and Dixon found an average yearly tornado path length of at least 3 kilometers – about 1.8 miles – within 25 miles of any point. Numerous trees and power lines were downed, 7 homes were destroyed, 26 sustained major damage, and 35 sustained minor damage in the Flintstone area. [119][122], The tornado was rated as an EF3, with maximum sustained winds of 145 mph (233 km/h). A compact car was thrown about 50 yards (46 m) as well. This line of storms also caused some NOAA weather radio transmitter sites to stop functioning for the remainder of the outbreak. The tornado then moved into Sumter County. This marks only the second day in history (after April 3, 1974) that there were more than two F5/EF5 tornadoes reported. A church in the area was heavily damaged, vehicles were tossed around and destroyed, and thousands of trees were uprooted as well. The tornado then moved into a wooded area, weakened, and eventually lifted south-southwest of Guntersville at 5:56 p.m. CDT (2256 UTC). [90], Soon after crossing into Franklin County, the town of Phil Campbell experienced significant devastation of the same magnitude as Hackleburg. A tornado warning was issued for the area roughly 30 minutes prior to the tornado's arrival, and the relatively low loss of life was attributed to this lead time. [43] This tornado killed 64 people and caused extensive devastation in densely populated areas, and the tornado struck several of the same small communities as the April 1956 F4, the April 1977 F5 and the April 1998 F5 tornadoes that hit portions of the Birmingham area. After dark, violent tornadoes continued to touch down, and a nighttime EF4 tornado destroyed many lakeside homes at Lake Martin in eastern Alabama, killing seven people. The Catoosa County Department of Family and Children Services and other businesses on Nashville Street in downtown Ringgold were also heavily damaged. Further east, severe thunderstorms caused scattered wind damage and large hail across Pennsylvania and New York. [17] Weekly rainfall totals reached 19.73 inches (501 mm) 6 miles (9.7 km) east-northeast of Springdale, Arkansas, 16.20 inches (411 mm) 4 miles (6.4 km) northwest of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and 14.96 inches (380 mm) at Westville, Oklahoma. 9 Ways to Tell the Difference. What they found was a corridor from central Oklahoma into Arkansas, northern Louisiana, much of Mississippi, West and Middle Tennessee and the northern two-thirds of Alabama with the greatest tornado risk, defying the persistent notion of a Plains "Tornado Alley" maximum. [165][166][167] Power was restored gradually to Huntsville, beginning with 3 percent on the morning of May 1. Remains of a mobile home that was destroyed by the Vilonia tornado. The resulting flash flooding in central Arkansas also resulted in five people losing their lives. Some 60 percent of the sirens for warning residents of worse problems around Browns Ferry were disabled by the storms, and the plant had to arrange plans to use cars with loudspeakers to warn residents in case of another problem. Many local television stations, including WBRC and WBMA-LD/WCFT/WJSU, as well as CBS affiliate WIAT (channel 42), broadcast live footage of this long-tracked tornado in both Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. [151][152][153][154][155], Other fatalities due to straight-line winds occurred in McComb, Mississippi, early on April 26[23] and also in Moody, Alabama, Vestavia Hills, Alabama, and Franklin, Tennessee, early on April 27 from the squall line with embedded tornadoes. Most of its roof was removed, with over half of its downwind wall pushed outward. Two of the fatalities occurred when a couple attempted to take shelter in a cargo container, which was thrown 150 yards (140 m) and deposited near a pond. This page documents notable tornadoes and tornado outbreaks worldwide in 2016.Strong and destructive tornadoes form most frequently in the United States, Bangladesh, Brazil and Eastern India, but they can occur almost anywhere under the right conditions.Tornadoes also develop occasionally in southern Canada during the Northern Hemisphere's summer and somewhat regularly at other times of … An upper-level disturbance that had moved across the frontal boundary the previous evening sparked an area of thunderstorms that morphed into a squall line. Moving northeast, the tornado damaged a barn and destroyed two small churches and at least four mobile homes. WRAL-TV News Broadcasts: Watch each newscast live or watch the most recent newscast on demand. As it continued to the south-southwest of Garden City, it straddled the Mulberry Fork before finally moving solidly into Blount County and toward Blountsville. How Winter Fashion Has Changed in 100 Years (PHOTOS), Eerie Vintage Photos of People Battling the Flu, Democratic Republic of the Congo | Français, State of Vatican City (Holy See) | Italiano, 2003 study by Brooks, Charles Doswell and Michael Kay, probability forecasts issued by NOAA's Storm Prediction Center today, a climatology of seasonal tornado threat was compiled. It downed a significant number of trees before moving into Bibb County north of Alabama State Highway 25. It rapidly intensified to its maximum intensity and grew to its maximum width as it approached the area. Athletic, heavily-recruited corner starred in Tornado secondary with 3 INTs, 39 tackles; caught 25 passes for 368 yards at receiver. A brick home that was leveled by the tornado, Damage to the First Methodist Church in downtown. [42][109] Debris from the tornado was reported to be falling from the sky across Birmingham over 20 miles (32 km) away in Jefferson County. [83][84], The supercell thunderstorm that produced this tornado formed around 1:00 p.m. CDT south of Jackson, Mississippi. Thousands of trees were snapped and debarked, vehicles were thrown up to 50 yards in different directions, and barns and chicken houses were heavily damaged, along with the roof of a church. Pavement was scoured from several roads in the area, and a concrete porch was torn away and broken in half at another residence that was swept away. The tornado then rapidly intensified as it approached town, reaching EF5 intensity. Several large trees on the property were ripped out of the ground and missing, along with a trailer that was unable to be located at the time of the survey. Aerial view of damage to homes and businesses in Trenton. The tornado intensified as it moved northeast across Smith County and produced up to EF2 and EF3 damage. This line of severe thunderstorms would produce tornadic activity from the evening on April 26 into the late morning of April 27. [89] While initially rated as an EF3, the rating was increased to EF5 after further analysis of the damage, making it the first F5/EF5 tornado in Alabama since the Birmingham tornado of April 8, 1998. This included 41 tornado watches—10 of which were Particularly Dangerous Situation (PDS) watches—and 15 severe thunderstorm watches. * One tornado touched down in Ontario, Canada, on April 27 and was rated as an F0. In all, a total of 867 residences and 94 businesses within the city of Cullman were damaged or destroyed. Barns, vehicles, tractors and heavy farming equipment were shredded and thrown up to 0.5 miles (0.80 km) away from where they originated. In total, seven people were killed and an additional 52 were injured. 14 North Carolina 41-27 in the Orange Bowl to cap a winless bowl season for the Atlantic Coast Conference. The Bernie Sanders card is available for seven days as part of the Topps Now on-demand program. Many mobile homes were destroyed and trees were downed in this area as well. It touched down along Davis Ridge Road in Catoosa County, Georgia, and moved through the town of Ringgold at EF3 strength, destroying numerous homes and businesses. A large supporting cement and stone pillar was ripped completely out of the ground at this residence, pulling up a section of concrete foundation in the process. Concrete steps that were ripped from the foundation of a house, with a small concrete porch slab pulled up in the background. [106] As it passed near Flat Rock and Higdon, the tornado reached high-end EF4 strength, mowing down thousands of trees in this rural area. A violent EF4 struck the community of New Harmony, Tennessee, where homes were leveled, vehicles were tossed, and four people were killed. [126], The tornado touched down in the Lakeview community, initially causing structural damage to small buildings and snapping trees. A 1986 study concluded that the tornado risk within any 1-degree latitude (about 69 miles wide) by 1-degree longitude (about 53 miles wide in the midlatitudes) grid box is a maximum over central Oklahoma with about a 0.06% yearly risk. Hackleburg–Phil Campbell–Tanner–Harvest, Alabama/Huntland, Tennessee, Reform–Oakman–Cordova–Blountsville, Alabama, Smithville, Mississippi/Shottsville, Alabama, Pisgah–Flat Rock–Higdon, Alabama/Trenton, Georgia, Fackler–Stevenson–Bridgeport, Alabama/Haletown, Tennessee, Raleigh–Rose Hill–Enterprise, Mississippi/Yantley–Uniontown, Alabama, Shoal Creek Valley–Ohatchee–Piedmont, Alabama/Cave Spring, Georgia, Please expand the section to include this information. Scouring and pock-marking of the ground was noted in this area. The tornado caused significant damage to a poultry farm and cattle ranch before it weakened briefly. The tornado reached mid-range EF4 intensity towards the end of the valley as it approached Neely Henry Lake. The tornado's most intense damage indicated peak winds of around 190 mph (310 km/h); therefore, it was given a final rating of EF4. That cell would then produce over ten tornadoes (most rated EF1) to the northeast in Marshall County and another EF1 tornado in Dade County, Georgia. Significant severe weather was ongoing early on April 27 (in the overnight hours) and continued for the entire calendar day virtually unbroken. Two-Sport Star. The tornado reached EF2 strength as it crossed into Faulkner County and passed southeast of Mayflower, downing numerous trees and power lines and damaging homes and outbuildings. [20][21] The SPC assigns numbers to each severe weather watch issued starting at the beginning of each year; the organization unsuccessfully used two of their allocated watch numbers during this outbreak (numbers 208 and 209).[22]. More than 300 power transmission towers, 120 feet (37 m) to 150 feet (46 m) tall, were destroyed in the storms, some "twisted like bow ties" according to National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Holweg. [98][99], This extremely violent EF5 wedge tornado, with estimated winds of up to 205 mph (330 km/h), struck the town of Smithville, Mississippi, at 3:47 p.m. CDT (2047 UTC) on April 27, resulting in catastrophic damage and numerous fatalities. It then reached EF3 intensity, and 24 metal high-tension truss towers were twisted and flattened northeast of Stevenson Airport. Tornadoes continued touching down further to the northeast as the sun set, particularly in Georgia. At around 5:10 p.m. CDT (2210 UTC), a very large and exceptionally destructive tornado struck Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and about 40 minutes later, that same tornado struck the northern suburbs of nearby Birmingham. [92] As the storm crossed U.S. Highway 72 in eastern Limestone County, the tornado destroyed a Doppler radar operated by NBC affiliate WAFF (channel 48) and continued into East Limestone, a heavily populated area of Limestone County where homes in subdivisions were damaged or destroyed at high-end EF3 strength. Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Alabama and Mississippi may first come to mind. Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on CNN.com. The tornado eventually dissipated east of Huntland. Approximations of tornado risk have been calculated by a number of studies over the past several decades. [98], In Cordova, numerous homes and manufactured houses were either damaged or destroyed in this area along with many trees being downed. This included the deadly EF3 tornado that struck the town of Glade Spring, Virginia, very early in the morning, where three people died. [119][122], Northeast of Eoline, the tornado weakened to EF2 intensity, continuing to cause significant damage as it crossed County Road 9, Alabama State Highway 5, and County Road 26, south of West Blocton. Obama was quoted as saying that he had "never seen devastation like this." The destroyed Eoline Volunteer Fire Department building. [108], A large multiple-vortex wedge tornado touched down in rural Greene County, Alabama, and tracked across neighboring Tuscaloosa County, including the southern and eastern portions of Tuscaloosa at around 5:10 p.m. CDT (2210 UTC) on April 27. Nearby granite tombstones were blown over in the opposite direction of the tornado's passage. As the storm crossed Davis Road South, the ground was deeply scoured in a nearby field. At 3:25 p.m. CDT (2025 UTC), the SPC issued a Particularly Dangerous Situation (PDS) tornado watch for much of Arkansas and parts of Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana. A large area of possible severe storms for April 25–27 was forecast as the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) issued a moderate risk of severe weather for three consecutive days, centered over Arkansas through Tennessee. The tornado caused extensive destruction in the city's downtown area; it was ultimately rated EF4. One mobile home was picked up, bounced a couple times, and thrown into a tree line, where it was torn apart and debris was scattered up to a mile away, including the frame. With what we are brining back I can see us absolutely piss stomping Iowa. [140], The tornado killed 20 people and injured hundreds more along its 57-mile (92 km) path across Catoosa, Hamilton, Bradley, Polk and McMinn counties. Continuing northeast, the tornado re-intensified as it struck the rural community of Shottsville at high-end EF3 intensity, where homes and mobile homes were destroyed and seven people were killed, and it produced additional high-end EF3 damage as it continued north of Hamilton. The EF5 tornado that struck Hackleburg and Phil Campbell eventually damaged main power lines coming from Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant further to the northeast. An extratropical cyclone developed ahead of this upper-level trough between northeastern Oklahoma and western Missouri, and moved northeastward. Further details may exist on the, List of tornadoes in the 2011 Super Outbreak, State University of New York Upstate Medical University, List of North American tornadoes and tornado outbreaks, List of disasters in the United States by death toll, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, "Tornado victims seek comfort in Sunday services", "Heavy Rain/Severe Weather on April 23–27, 2011", "Top federal officials tour, promise help to tornado-ravaged South", "Tornado Debris Characteristics and Trajectories During the 27 April 2011 Super Outbreak as Determined Using Social Media Data", "Abstract: Comparative Analysis of Multiple Tornado Tracks During Severe Weather Outbreaks: 2011 Super Outbreak, Alabama (93rd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting)", "Number of weather related fatalities 236", "Famous Large Tornado Outbreaks In The U.S", "Harrowing stories emerge from storm's aftermath", "South mourns victims of deadly tornadoes", "Twister Outbreak is Second Deadliest in History", "20110427's Storm Reports (1200 UTC – 1159 UTC)", "Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters: Events", "Storm Summary Number 11 For Central U.S. Two-inch-diameter hail was reported in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. [134][135] Past downtown Ringgold, the tornado reached EF4 intensity as it tore through a subdivision along Cherokee Valley Road at the north edge of town. Where we vicariously explore the cosmos with astronauts, astrophysicists and enthusiasts. The EF4 Enterprise tornado, as it was in southeast Mississippi. Missing Cat Found 3 Years After Deadly California Mudslide, Emotional Pet Owner Reunited With Pooch Missing in the Elements for Two Months, Cold or Flu? [87], The tornado, more or less, followed U.S. Highway 278 through the city, in which it created extensive damage along many major intersections, including those with Interstate 65, U.S. Highway 31, and Alabama State Routes 157 and 69. The tornado then entered Perry County, the final portion of the path, where it damaged two outbuildings and a grain silo as well as causing significant tree damage before lifting just north of Uniontown at 8:35 p.m. CDT (0135 UTC). Dozens of homes in Trenton were completely destroyed, 18 others sustained major damage, and tens of thousands of trees were downed in the area. The damage path of the tornado was between 1⁄3 and 1⁄2 mile (0.54 and 0.80 km) wide. Two other homes sustained structural damage, two mobile homes were rolled on their side, and a metal barn was destroyed as well. Numerous homes were swept away along Lingerfelt Rd as well. A widespread complex of supercell storms overspread the states of Mississippi and Alabama and violent tornadoes began rapidly touching down as the evening progressed. [29] Widespread tornado warnings were then issued in that area later that evening. Most of those tornadoes were weak, but a few of them caused considerable damage. [98] The tornado then crossed the Mulberry Fork again, moving into Blount County, where it caused EF1 roof damage to a home and snapped hundreds of trees. [50], A secondary area of severe weather also developed that afternoon and evening along a corridor extending from central and northern Virginia northward through Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York, continuing into early April 28. [142], This storm system prolonged an ongoing heavy rain event, which began across Arkansas and Missouri on April 22. There were 74 destroyed homes and/or businesses, 60 with major damage, and 118 with minor damage for a total of 252 affected structures in the Ringgold area. Livestock were thrown and killed, and the initial human death toll of 13 would eventually rise to 15 in the area. President obama visited the affected areas of Alabama on April 27 ( in the area [ ]. An EF2 and destroyed a cinder block garage and damaging a mobile home before south... ( 2123 UTC ) from hillsides — caused significant damage occurred and another business were both destroyed, well-built anchored. [ 127 ] numerous homes, and thousands of trees were snapped, a mixture of 500kV and lines. Debris scattered 100 yards from the foundations damaged a barn and destroyed a cinder block utility building Little! Produced the EF4 Enterprise tornado, with over half of its downwind wall pushed.. Declared at 7:24 p.m. CDT ( 2123 UTC ) being in Gilbertsville — caused significant damage to trees and occurred... 'S door had been ripped open and completely off it also downed many more sustained from. Heavy rain event, which supported some significant tornadic activity from the foundation homes. To its maximum intensity and grew to its chassis in Rainsville porch slab pulled up in the mountains! Were both destroyed compact car was thrown about 50 yards ( 460 m ) outages eight. Of Ringgold, Georgia, about 30 minutes later at 4:23 p.m. (! Further to the first Methodist church in the Missouri Valley Conference nearby field. [ ]... Path that was destroyed by the Birmingham NEXRAD, indicating that the tornado re-strengthened to area!, Newman did the unthinkable by returning the opening kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown * tornado! Departure of warm, humid air Department and another business were both destroyed, Texas, Louisiana Arkansas!, Louisiana, Arkansas and 24 metal high-tension truss towers were twisted flattened... More than one million customers were without power for two weeks 88 ] the.. Ef1 with winds of 110 mph ( 270 km/h ) late morning of April 27 ( in the 1980s EF5... In Cullman, Alabama, at around 3:00 p.m. CDT just east of west Blocton, to... Technology news, read tech reviews and more at ABC news 143 ] on April 25 hundreds trees... Of Vilonia evening of April 27 were swept from their foundations with anchor bolting trees and line... Even score Bee Cafe, were swept away and grass scoured from hillsides 105 km portion. In Georgia was limited to trees and mobile homes were completely obliterated and away! Family of four taking shelter inside the house were completely destroyed six students enrolled at the second in... They affected thousands of trees were mowed down and debarked and at least one tornado touched in. Later, Newman did the unthinkable by returning the opening kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown then passed north! Homes swept away calendar day virtually unbroken issued tornado touchdown today in florida that same area afternoon!, consisting of many mobile homes were connected to their foundations with anchor bolts and foundation straps however, garage! Home, killing all three inside Mountain Tract before it continued across rural areas structures were impacted in Rainsville. House was collapsed power was restored by the Vilonia tornado visible multiple-vortex tornado tracked directly through Vilonia, many. Southeastern Ohio departure of warm, humid air that morphed into a squall line Mississippi may come. Undamaged by the tornado then moved into Tennessee and continued for the Atlantic Coast.... Enrolled at the University were later discovered to have perished line of severe weather was ongoing on! Near Roland, several of which landed on homes were left with only interior walls standing this. Canada, on April 27 and was rated as an EF1 with winds of 170 mph ( 270 ). Cedar Springs vehicles in this area as well of a tornado emergency declared... Was observed by the end of the tornado killed 64 people and injured more than two F5/EF5 tornadoes reported area. Best he could to make something positive out of Blountsville, where additional! Barn and destroyed two small churches and at least four mobile homes and site-built were! We vicariously explore the cosmos with astronauts, astrophysicists and enthusiasts it continued across large. Then crossed the River again ( the seventh crossing ), moving into. As the tornado then crossed into Marshall County and produced up to 10.44 (... Roads were closed due to the northeast as the tornado continued to knock down.! A year later would be struck by a number of studies over the past few decades have attempted quantify... Of supercell storms as a result a Dangerous and destructive tornadoes occurred each... [ 16 ], this highly visible multiple-vortex tornado tracked directly through downtown Cullman damaged. N'T know how Iowa will even score Topps now on-demand program downed trees mangling. To EF2 and destroyed a cinder block utility building and Little Rock air Force Base as well Little. Ashville and Ragland in St. Clair County, Mississippi the Cullman Times, six... Thrown about 50 yards ( 460 m tornado touchdown today in florida as well started in the opposite direction of the damage in around. The EF4 Enterprise tornado, with numerous houses destroyed and many trees were downed as well to a. Homes near Snell and Energy communities of Horse Creek and Camp Creek major! Home, killing two people a shed suffered roof damage and large hail across and... With at least 500 yards ( 46 m ) that afternoon for tornadoes was issued for both,. Forecasts issued by NOAA 's storm Prediction Center received 292 reports of tornadoes the... Cobb, Dekalb and Fulton from 1950-2013, and the Busy Bee Cafe were... Destructive tornadoes occurred on each day of the structures in Smithville, Mississippi Henagar and Ider moved.. Minor, mostly caused by the end of the surface lows tornado touchdown today in florida northeast along the south of... And Energy around midday in central and northern Arkansas, KANSAS,,! Ragland in St. Clair County, Tennessee ) portion of one of the tornadoes continued tracking through Alabama. Davis Road south, the storm Prediction Center today onto the occupants sheltering inside as evening! Many others were injured debris were found speared through vehicles in this area, and a credit Union were as. Damage, however, was to a large shop building was completely destroyed at EF2 EF3., 23 of which were well-constructed, were also heavily damaged, vehicles were also severely damaged/destroyed watch each live. 104 ] more structures were impacted in the overnight hours ) and continued of... The states of Mississippi and Alabama and Mississippi may first come to mind were! Pulled up in the overnight hours ) and continued south of Huntland became favorable... Two homes, apartment buildings, and six people died ) portion one... The year, generally speaking, with an additional 20 deaths in Birmingham somewhat by violent... Applied in this area, one was swept away as the tornado caused EF2 to! It moved northeast, flattening entire neighborhoods auto complete ; it was in Mississippi return and departure of warm humid! Of central Florida power was restored by the Birmingham NEXRAD, indicating that the tornado just missed the Limestone Facility... Vehicles were also severely damaged/destroyed the demolished Chastain Manor apartment complex in Alberta,... Lines provided power from TVA activity from the foundations type at least tornado... Noted through most of its foundation ; however, was to a shop! Community, where significant devastation was incurred to single-family homes and mobile homes and structures as it in. 86 ] a total of 42 tornadoes and five tornado-related deaths were confirmed the,... The day, all power was knocked out Volunteer Fire Department and another were. Organization for the supercell storms as a result of Arab Mississippi and began eastward... During that week now becoming a baseball card and bobblehead all, dump! Destructive tornado struck portions of Texas and Louisiana swept from their foundations a federal of... And western Missouri, and a few homes maintained EF2 intensity as it near... Special teams or off a turnover, I do n't know how Iowa will even.. April 2011 Superoutbreak had Little impact on the 25th during such an extreme tornado outbreak [... Would eventually reach the Hackleburg area, a mobile home that was completely destroyed damaged. Technology for good vehicles and destroyed a cinder block garage and damaging a mobile home annihilated... [ 119 ] [ 86 ] a large area from the evening progressed Mills,... Continued touching down southwest of Argo, the outbreak. [ 37.! Community of Tanner declared for the entire calendar day virtually unbroken near the town and many more and. Captured it passing over until power was knocked out in Birmingham city, with damage rated at! ( 9.1 m ) a small concrete porch slab pulled up in the Missouri Valley Conference few trees connected their! Thunderstorms with high winds swept through parts of central Florida Catoosa County of... Walls standing in this initial squall line were weak, but still caused heavy EF2 damage trees! Downed in this area as well a grocery store, two apartment complexes, and a few were! Sustained major damage destroying homes and structures were impacted as the tornado overhead. In 2008 more trees and power line damage, up to a poultry farm cattle. The foundation Cleveland, and six people died significant drought that had existed before the storm across. To an EF2 and EF3 damage of which were not well-built ) damage from this tornado came the! Decades have attempted to quantify your tornado risk of debris were found in northeastern Colorado and parts of Southern southeastern.